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Choosing 36” or 42” Upper Cabinets

When it comes to redoing your kitchen, there are many decisions that you need to make. One of the most important decisions to make is whether one should go for 36” upper cabinets or 42” upper cabinets. If you’re thinking about doing ceiling-heigh cabinets, you might want to consider 42” cabinets.

Some people think they would be fine with 36-inch cabinets since they would probably very rarely use the top of the 42” cabinet anyway. However, there are many advantages that you will find with 42” cabinets.

The functionality of 42” cabinets

Are 42” cabinets are worth it? In our opinion, YES, especially if you are already using a step stool from time to time to access your current top-shelf. You will increase storage space by 25% adding another shelf. People with extra storage space can store items they don’t use very often in the extra cabinets up top. Instead of having mixing bowls and holiday cooking gear next to your everyday cooking supplies, store them at the very top of your cabinet.

Height of ceilings

People who have higher ceilings like larger cabinets because it properly utilizes the space and makes the kitchen looker bigger. Homeowners find that 42” cabinets look aesthetically pleasing, so if you have the room, why not?

Less space means less dust

When determining whether you should go with 42” cabinets or 32” inch cabinets, remind yourself of all the dust that gets collected above smaller cabinets. If you are like the typical homeowner, the tops of your cabinets rarely ever get cleaned. The dust continues to build up, year after year. With 42” cabinets that extend to the ceiling, there won’t be any extra space, which means your kitchen will be far less dusty.

The “look” of 42” cabinets

Let’s face it, high cabinets that reach the ceiling look modern. Upgraded 42” cabinets can make your kitchen look completely remodeled even if the only thing you did was replace the cabinets.

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