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Choosing The Right Kitchen Hardware

Imagine being almost finished with your kitchen renovation and realizing you chose the wrong style of hardware. Now every time you see your newly designed kitchen, it looks like you need to start from scratch all over again. Something as simple as choosing the wrong style of kitchen hardware can offset the complete aesthetic of your remodel. Luckily, the professionals at Half Price Kitchen are here to make sure your choice is better than you ever imagined.

The Perfect Choice

You have made all the selections for your new kitchen, the perfect layout, the just-right shade of white cabinets, a tile backsplash that is a stunner, and just one selection remains… the cabinet hardware. It may seem like such a small decision but the hardware can help tie together and solidify the style of the space.

Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the cabinets and can enhance the room and the design style you are working to achieve. There are limitless options when it comes to hardware, and by having a clear idea of the style of the room, it will help cut down the options to the ones that are perfect for your space. A popular cabinet hardware choice among our customers is the bar pulls. Bar pulls are usually found in more modern style spaces, giving a little twist to a more traditional door style. For those looking for a relaxed look, bin drawer pulls are an option. It adds just the right amount of casual to the cabinetry. You can also go a little more ornate, selecting hardware that has the extra oomph to it with more intricate details.

But that is not all you must consider. The finish of the cabinet hardware is another choice that will have to be made. Popular finishes are brushed nickel and chrome, with antique brass making a big comeback in the last few years. The great thing about cabinet hardware is that it doesn’t have to match the faucet and lighting in the space. Even though it doesn’t have to match, it should coordinate and compliment the other finishes.

Come Visit Us Today!

Take a look at our fantastic selection of kitchen hardware. Whether you are undergoing a complete home renovation, taking on a commercial remodeling project, or just looking for a unique piece of granite or quartz to accent your current décor scheme, you are guaranteed to find something you love at Half Price Kitchen! Our superior selection and competitive prices can’t be beaten. Don’t believe us? Contact us today and experience the Half Price Kitchen difference for yourself!

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