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White Shaker Cabinets – Why They Are So Popular

There are certain classic features of kitchens that remain popular and timeless over the years, as other trends come and go. One of these timeless features are white shaker cabinets. These types of cabinets have remained popular for many, many decades and they will remain a popular classic for many more years to come. So why exactly are white kitchen cabinets so popular? There are many factors that contribute to the popular of white shaker cabinets, and white kitchen cabinets in general. Read on to learn more about why white kitchen cabinets have stayed such a classic and why you may want to choose white shaker cabinets for your next kitchen remodel!

White kitchen cabinets have stood the test of time for a variety of reasons, such as their versatility. There are so many decorating styles that go fantastically with white cabinets, and white cabinets are able to be incorporated into a large variety of kitchens. As trends change and your tastes evolve over the years, your cabinets don’t have to change. This is because white cabinets are a fantastic canvas for any type of design or update. Different paint colors, countertops, and lighting can be added to your kitchen, and your white cabinets will look totally different than before without having to change with each redecoration or remodel, making white cabinets a solid investment. Not only do white shaker cabinets look fantastic in your kitchen, but they also stand out in other areas of your house, such as laundry rooms and bathrooms. Not only is the room more stylish with the addition of these cabinets, the white color also adds a sense of cleanliness and organization. White cabinets provide you with a large range of choices when it comes to appliances, flooring, lighting, carpet runners, artwork, and accessories. The color of white works with pretty much anything and lends itself to being a great backdrop to any other decoration choice.

There are many buzzwords that come to mind when you think of white cabinets. These buzzwords include “airy and spacious,” thanks to the way that our eyes perceive objects. While dark colors make us think of enclosed spaces, nighttime, or cloud cover, lighter colors are found outside, in sunshine and nature. Human brains over tens of thousands of years of evolution connect light and bright colors with airy and spacious surroundings, and assists with making smaller kitchen spaces appear larger, and can make any space appear more open. Moreover, there’s a scientific reason white kitchen cabinets appear “lighter and brighter.” Light Reflectance Value, or LRV, is the measurement of how much light a color reflects. The more light a color reflects, the higher the LRV, and the more light will be available in a room that uses that color. White holds an LRV close to 100%, while absolute black holds an LRV of 0%. This is why white is a great color for cabinets if you want to capitalize on the natural light that is available in a room, or if your kitchen doesn’t hold much natural light.

There are many reasons to choose white shaker cabinets, and if you invest in them you know for a fact that they will be a classic that can stand the test of time. If you are thinking about installing white shaker cabinets, contact us in Altamonte today for affordable kitchen cabinets that will help your kitchen stand out!


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